Really slow racing • For 3 to 8 players

Really slow racing
For 3 to 8 players

  • Up to 8 players
  • Use gamepads or smartphones
  • A unique landscape each race
  • Find the fastest route to the goal
  • Special powers and tactical nudging can give you the edge
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Really slow racing for 3 to 8 players

Chalo Chalo is a racing game that doesn't focus on speed, but on tactical choices and outsmarting your friends. You compete locally with three to eight players at the same time on the same screen.

Early Access

The development of Chalo Chalo has been a very iterative process. We're publishing it as an Early Access title on Steam to involve as many players as we can in helping shape the game's final form.

Use a gamepad or your phone

Download the experimental controller for Android or iOS. Connect to the same WiFi network as the computer running Chalo Chalo and follow the on-screen instructions to join a match.

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No Sale Promise

We promise not to offer Chalo Chalo at a discounted price before 2018-01-01. If you're an early buyer you won't feel burned by a surprise sale around the corner. Read more about the No Sale Promise.

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